Fun, Friendship and Feeling.

There is always energy to burn after lessons and so we organise an extensive indoor and outdoor programme of sports and games for everyone's enjoyment. There is a well-equipped sports centre for indoor sports and grass areas and playing fields for outdoor activities.

All students are encouraged to do a team sport in the afternoon and can take part in a variety of ways designed to suit their attitude, either as a player or as referees, scorers, or judges. It is an excellent chance for them to learn team building skills, get to know friends better and have fun in a non-competitive environment.

Team sports include touch-rugby, ultimate Frisbee, basketball and are all included in the itinerary but other sports such as golf, horse riding or tennis can be organised as well. Students need to book these sports in advance (see dates and prices).

Apart from sports, once a week, a creative skills class is held where students can learn design techniques and try out sculpture, paper folding, acting and a variety of other skills. There is also a nature trek to the top of the South Downs and a picnic if anyone still has any energy left!