Fun, Friendship and Feeling.

Juniors (8-10 yrs) attend lessons everyday apart from weekends. Lessons start at 9.30 and last 90 minutes. There is a one hour group study session three times a week before lunch to reinforce learning, while on other days, there is free time.

From 2.30-4.30pm there is supervised sports activity or students can do workshops or go on a nature trail. Workshops are led by teachers and juniors can show others what they can do or learn origami, make a model, take better photos or study the nature around the area.

Juniors and young learners have a mid-afternoon snack at 4.30pm.

There is free time for games or relaxing in the garden until dinner time at 7.30 and after dinner, there are social activities. Bedtime for juniors is at 9.00pm.