Fun, Friendship and Feeling.

At KTF, English is taught through fun and discovery. Students get to grips with the language by creating and exploring their own ideas. Students are placed in groups based on ability and age but a typical class will not have more than 15 students. All classes take a very hands-on approach to learning to provide a variety of lesson styles, ranging from simple cut-and-paste exercises to adaptations of fun games, like hide and seek, or alternatively music or film.

Lessons are careful combinations of oral skill practice, grammar and vocabulary input, chosen to suit a particular objective. Classes for younger children (8-10 year olds) focus mainly on developing the comprehension and use of the spoken language whereas those for older children have a greater emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. Class time is organised for work in pairs or groups and students are encouraged to swap knowledge and help each other using English. This is a sure way of getting them to try out their English without feeling under pressure. In many cases, lessons interact with excursions and the places visited become a part of the material which the student can use and develop in the lesson.

KTF uses Cambridge University Press books and materials for all its courses to ensure preparation in line with the Cambridge University test levels. The Common European Framework (CEF) for language levels is used as guidance for all students and they are tested on their first day so that they are placed in the correct group, from beginners to intermediate.
All students receive a course book and are taught at a recommended CEF level, ranging from Starters level to PET.