Fun, Friendship and Feeling.

KTF Summer English organises English courses from July to August at its UK summer camp site for juniors and young learners from 8-14 years old.
If you are looking for a safe, enjoyable learning environment for your child, then KTF Summer courses are for you. We are serious about your child’s English but our fun-loving staff will make sure that study and social activities are mixed so that your child enjoys their course and progresses enthusiastically.
Courses are at our summer camp bases in Steyning, West Sussex, a prime countryside location 30 minutes from the sea.

Our courses ensure your child:
  • gets excellent supervision and learning opportunities
  • builds confidence and responsibility in a wide range of areas
  • develops social skills and interacts in team building
  • explores areas of challenge and tests out new ground
  • is immersed in a total learning environment, filled with fun and enthusiasm
  • returns home refreshed and ready for school

KTF summer courses are ideal for older kids who can begin to take their first steps towards being independent and for younger ones who are making a trip abroad on their own for the first time. Alternatively, if your child is going to attend a UK school, our courses provide the care and attention for them to get used to the feel of UK education before starting the school term.
As all children have their own style and speed of learning, our tutors are careful to plan lessons and activities that enable everyone to give their best and show their strengths. We want every child to achieve rewarding results in a non- competitive atmosphere so they feel strengthened by the experience.
We look forward to making your child’s UK summer camp an unforgettable success.