Fun, Friendship and Feeling.

quoute Dear Mum and Dad,
if you are looking for a learning environment which promises enjoyment for your children, then you will find it with us.
KTF summer courses promote friendship, fun and enthusiasm to learn. Students are given the freedom and support to explore what they do best and develop skills they didn’t know they had!
Friendly and energetic teaching and sports staff encourage students to show what they can do and how well they can do it from the beginning to the end of their stay.
In the classroom this means students are immersed in a variety of learning styles which enables them to improve all areas of their English language skills, whether chatting to friends, singing, writing, designing and reading magazines and blogs or making posters and arranging photo shoots.
Modern, interactive methods are used and students can expect to watch video clips, listen to UK speakers, and take part in questionnaires or role play Robin Hood! All during a normal lesson! It’s a fast-moving learning environment with carefully balanced rhythm and breathing space for formulating ideas and knowledge.
There is personal tutor time to boost knowledge of grammar or other areas which need extra practice and one-to-one interviews with mother-tongue speakers so students can really test how much they have learnt. Outside the classroom, the excursions and trips organized bring English to life through real experience while our approach during sports activities guarantees that everyone takes part in team games to build social skills and confidence.
In short, learning and experience to remember with a smile.

Kirk Ford & Maria Grazia Battaglino - The Directors

Director’s Profile

Kirk Ford and Maria Grazia Battaglino have run KTF Summer English for over 10 years. Kirk holds a Cambridge University diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Maria Grazia holds a degree in Educational Science. Both are teachers and have been teaching to children & young adults in Italy since 1989.

“Any learning process must have that key ingredient, FUN.

KTF Summer English was set up in 2007 with this in mind. My own children and my experience as a teacher have taught me how a summer course should be organised and how students want to learn. The result is the KTF summer course, a mix of enjoyment and learning in an environment students will want to come back to.
Maria Grazia and I stay in Steyning during the summer and we ensure that we provide a setting that is safe, comfortable and welcoming for everyone. We aim to give our students the confidence they need to feel like English is their second language! We’re getting close!”

Kirk Ford, director KTF Summer English